Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lesson 166: A weekend trip

Tyler surprised me last week with a plane ticket to visit my sister and her family in Utah for the weekend. It was meant to be one last mini vacation before baby arrives. I have about 8 weeks left so flying is still alright but my Ob printed out my medical records for me... just in case. 

I arrived on Thursday evening and stayed up late catching up with Miranda. Friday was spent completely driving to Vegas to pick up the kids and driving right back. Here is a picture from the car window. Vegas was SO HOT I did not mind getting the heck out of there. I am just a pacific northwest girl.  

Sadly I did not take any other pictures while I was there. Saturday the kids did a mini Easter egg hunt in the apartment, we went to a movie and I got to go shopping for 4 hours with Miranda :) And no trip to Utah (or CA or NV) is complete without going to In N Out burger. 

I stole this picture from my sister's blog. The Easter bunny brought Ted a basket. 

I took a picture of my family before I left for the airport. 

Ruby finished her obedience class yesterday. This is a terrible picture of her but a funny one of Max. For their final class all the dogs had to learn a trick to perform for everyone. All the other dogs did "shake". Ruby impressed with her ability to spin on command. :)

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