Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lesson 164: a day at the dog show

 These pictures are all out of order....
This past weekend my mom and I spent the day up in Seattle at the Kennel Club Dog Show.
We saw the disc dog demonstration.
My all time favorite demonstration was the duck herding dogs. Oh my goodness, there is nothing as cute as a border collie or Australian shepherd herding around three little ducks. They had to weave the ducks through the cones, over a little bridge and eventually into a pen. Imagine Babe with ducks instead of sheep.
That night Tyler and I went to Maggianos in Bellevue. It was really amazing food and so much fun to go on a date with my husband. :) 
 The dog show was at the CenturyLink Field Event center.
Another demonstration was the dancing dogs. This is a rescue hairless mix dog wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Yes I think dog dancing is ridiculous and yes I stayed to watch the entire thing. Come on, it's dogs.  
Another picture of duck herding! 
 There was also agility going on the entire time.
Aww so cute!!!
We made a point to see the pug dog competition of course. Did you know they remove the whiskers from the show pugs? I guess beauty really is pain, yikes.  
What a pug apparently SHOULD look like :)

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