Monday, March 4, 2013

Lesson 163: Third Trimester

At the request of my sister I took a pregnancy picture to send to her. She asked me for one a couple weeks ago but I am the worst at remembering to do things. This is the reason it was taken in line at a Walmart.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the THIRD TRIMESTER whoot whoot! There is something to be said about the 3rd trimester. There is a lot less guilt. In my second trimester I worried about gaining too much weight, about my rings not fitting, and about how no matter what happens it will only get worse because this it only the 2nd trimester! Now that I am in the last leg I feel much less pressure to worry about things because hey, I'm in my last trimester :) (P.S. yes the rings are off. I made it official yesterday)

And Tyler felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday. He has been wanting to for a while to the point where he will push really hard on my belly and I will have to remind him that I am still attached to my stomach and THAT HURTS! hahaha. 

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