Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lesson 135: 1 AM is not the best time to change up the rules

The dogs have shifted. Ruby and Max have been sleeping in the double size bed with Ty and myself. It has been fine. I even bragged that these pups were perfect bed dogs. Ruby slept up by our heads and was just like a bonus pillow. Max took the space down in between Tyler's legs. Maybe Tyler did not like this, I don't know, but since Tyler can sleep in virtually any position and does not move once he is out, this arrangement worked nicely.

In the past few nights the dogs have shifted to my side of the bed. They both sleep at the bottom where my legs go. Unlike Tyler I DO move around. If I can't move my legs I go crazy. And THAT is just what happened.

Last night at 1AM, completely incoherent and ready to flip the bed, I went downstairs and grabbed the large Costco dog cushion. I threw it on the floor of our bedroom along with both dogs. Thus began the endless night of keeping the dogs off the bed. Apparently, what I did not take into account was that NO ONE kicks Max and Ruby off the bed. They would jump up, I would throw them off. Max would jump up and at the exact moment I was tosses him to the dog bed below, Ruby would leap up. I must have fallen asleep at some point but only for short spurts. There would come the thud of a dog leaping onto the bed. Before I could snatch them up they would make a dive for under covers. NO SIR! Back to the dog bed you go! Poor Tyler. He just lie there as I waged war against my furry rivals. After hours he did take it upon himself to help in throwing the dogs off the bed.

And that was my night :)

Here is a funny picture. I was walking the dogs last night. Max stopped for a sniff and I looked up to see a cat trying to blend in with the dead grass. Can you find the cat?

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  1. Having a dog is a lot like having a baby. I didn't get much sleep last night either.