Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lesson 134: How to out-stubborn a pug

Ruby Kinkaroo is a ball of endless energy. Tyler and I have taken on the challenge of being more assertive with her wildness. She is always excited to go out to potty. When she sees you make your way to the door she begins jumping and dancing around. Then come the high pitched barks. Finally she will, for no apparent reason, attack Max. She also takes on this crazy attitude around dinner time.

In line with Cesar Millan's methods, we are becoming our own pack leaders. She is no longer allowed to go out or eat dinner until she has gone into a submissive state. This can take quite a while as we are attempting to out-stubborn a pug. Both Tyler and I can be stubborn people. I think we are up for the challenge. We are only on day two but I have noticed it is starting to help. Along with being assertive, it is important to be consistent. :)

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