Friday, August 24, 2012

Lesson 132: Exercise, Discipline, Affection

I have been on a Dog Whisperer kick lately.

The joy of Hulu is that when you find a show you love you can watch the entire series :) I used to watch Cesar Millan when I lived at home but our dogs were pug lumps so the show was much more for entertainment than anything else. Plus the show keeps warning not to try his techniques at home....

Now that I have Rubert and Maximus I have been using some of the skills with them. Things are going to change in the Opfar household! (That sounds like something I have said before...)

Some new rules being enforces are not playing rough, they can't jump up unless you encourage them too, and they can't come on the couch unless invited.

My big "awesome!" moment came last night while walking my pooches. They were doing great until we came upon the local french bulldog (who is adorable and goes on jogs). Ruby does not mind other dogs but Max needs work. He was doing alright with walking next to me, but he started in with his whining and antsyness.

Cesar suggests using your foot on the opposite side the dog is on to give them a little nudge kick. (kind of like when you kick someone in the bum while walking next to them). I gave Max a small boot. It snapped him out of his attitude and he was fine the rest of the time walking by the other dog. It is called redirecting. :)

Oh! And we saw the smallest bunny I have every seen!!! Our neighborhood has lots of bunnies which I love love love! This bunny was about the size of my fist. It ran two laps around us, driving Ruby crazy and then hopped into a bush.

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