Friday, August 17, 2012

Lesson 130: Officially converted to the bow

The Opfars are a family of hunters. One of their specialties... BOW HUNTING. Which I admit I think it pretty dang cool :) Last week all the boys got their bows out for a little target practice. They all have compound bows which are the intense bows with all the wheels and wires. This is kind of what Tyler's bow looks like....

I realized I am REDICULOUSLY weak in the arms and too terrified to try the compound bow for fear of snapping my arm and incurring a massive bruise (this has happened in the past).

My bow to shoot was Tyler's bow he received as a childhood birthday present. Kind of like this....

The only draw back was that it is a right handed bow.... Having not used a bow since high school PE I needed tons of instruction. After snapping my arm a few times I was getting kind of frustrated.... especially since the guys were having a competition to hit a soda can stuck on a target. On my second turn around though I hit the can dead center booyah! And now I am officially in love with archery. My neice Ellis says she is Merida from Brave, I prefer to be Katniss. We even get to take a trip to Cabelas and look at bows :)

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  1. You're awesome Whitney! Over Christmas we shot bows, and I couldn't even pull it back far enough to get a good shot.