Friday, July 27, 2012

Lesson 128: Tyler has a new business with ACN

Tyler has opened up shop with ACN. Just a side job and I am showing my support by dressing up my dogs in silly costumes. One time I asked Tyler what he thought was my biggest personal strength. His reply was "pugs" and I was like "pugs are my biggest personal strength?" To this is said "Yes, pugs give you strength and you make good cookies!"

I love Tyler and I love the way he thinks hahaha. Since he told me this I have really thought about how yeah, pugs do give me strength, perhaps it is a security blanket thing or that when you have a pug you have an automatic talking point when meeting people. Anyway, I used my personal strength to help support Tyler. :)

So check out Tyler's website with ACN. It is all about getting discounts on things like cell phone bills, TV, Internet, land line and more! I went from an old simple flip phone to a smart phone and now I pay less per month with unlimited texting and calls to any other phone company which is crazy but ok. And the company has been around for 20 years so it has staying power too. Here is the website and happy Friday!!!

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