Monday, July 9, 2012

Lesson 126: A pug party and a debut party!

On Friday Tyler and I went to Heather and Jacob's house to celebrate the 1 year birthday of Ruby and her brother Henry. We had a blast and some amazing food :) Max came along too. It was funny to see him with a room full of pugs. I think they new he was the odd dog out, but he was more concerned with getting table scraps.

Here is Ruby on July 4th with her birthday hat. This is a magical hat that immobilized her into this position.

Henry and Ruby.

Heather and Jacob holding the birthday pugs 

Max also got dressed up for the 4th. Actually in the end we had Ruby wear the collar since it was getting a little small for Max... if you recall he wore this last year.... 

He was so tiny!!!! Awww puppy Max

 I love this picture. It captures the similar personalities of Ruby and Henry. Both are about to perform a face punch if they have to be held one moment longer.

I am so excited because tomorrow is my big debut party as a Mary Kay beauty consultant. I have held two parties already but this is the debut... kind of confusing.... Anyway I have loved being a consultant and can't wait for what the future holds. Plus I have Tyler who is my awesome kick in the pants motivator that gets me to constantly travel out of my comfort zone. 

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