Monday, January 23, 2012

Lesson 64: Exposure of a Cookie Monster

My name is Whitney and I have a cookie problem. My next step will be to go on the show "My Strange Addiction" to tell the world my saga. For the past month I have been baking cookies just about every other day. I stumbled upon an awesome recipe and I tried it out first with white choc chips, then butterscotch chips, then regular choc chips, and after that I tried every combination or the three you can think of. Tyler introduced toffee bits which were then combined with every one of the three chips individually. After this I moved on to choc choc cookies with the different combinations of the chips.... I have a problem. I have to eat cookies everyday. I eat the cookie dough everyday and then bake the cookies and eat them mmmmm. I missed dinner and lunch for about a week due to the fact that I just ate cookies....

My friend Jenae, who has a parallel life to mine, has the same problem with Taco Bell. She has been on a "Taco Bell fast" for the past 25 days and suggested maybe I should take a break from cookies. I think so too. As much as I am consuming the cookies THEY ARE CONSUMING ME! So 30 days of NO COOKIES! I told Jenae, I told Tyler and now I am telling you. I may have to have Tyler take away the Kitchenaid... or at least the attachments for the month. Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C !!!!!

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