Monday, January 2, 2012

Lesson 58: Max and Ruby's First Trip to the Beach

My family went to the coast and Max and Ruby got their first taste of the ocean. (Quite literally in fact, I think they never could get past the fact that ALL the water had salt in it). We visited a light house and explored some old army buildings. This one was pretty creepy. We decided it was probably a tomb that when activated would bring forth the spirits.

Here is the lighthouse.

Max and me on the boardwalk.

Ruby loved running on the beach but after a while she was was chilly and got a free ride home.

Mom and Dad and Benny the pug.

Tyler, Whitney, Ruby and Max
Ruby did not mind sitting in the wet sand on the beach for a break.

When I went to take this picture Benny was staring at the distant seagull. Ruby was more interested than Max and Benny in chasing the birds.
Max checking out a crab and Cooper running in the background.

I love this picture. Cooper in his puppy hat chasing the birds. :)

Tyler and Ruby out running the water.

From a distance this log looked like a backpack and we all stood around guessing why someone would leave a backpack on the ground. Tyler was the first to walk over and check it out. When he came back he would not say what it was so my dad checked it out. He too would not say anything about it. Finally my mom, sister, and her kids went to check it out. Trust a 4 year old to end the mystery by blurting out it is a log :) That is when I finally walked over and checked out the "backpack".

Quinn, Miranda and Cooper at the beach

Me and my handsome husband

Tyler had to pick up Cooper and run when they underestimated the speed of the incoming water.

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