Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lesson 51: When in Doubt Ask a Veteran (R.I.P. Bottle Buddy)

The Bottle Buddy served its purpose. Max was able to play with it while I was out and a bit after Tyler got home. After not too long Max ripped open the bottom and tore off the lid. At this point Tyler suggested we retire Bottle Buddy. We told my parents the fate of Max's new toy and they suggested we try tying up old socks. This was their go to toy for dogs dating back to when my dad was little. As you can see above Max loves his new sock toy. AND it has now lasted 6 days! (This is a good thing)

Tyler and Max ready to go for a night jog.

Max was a bit more ready to go than Tyler.

Pretty flowers from Tyler. Max is actually trying to eat them here not sniff them.

" Brr mama I'm cold"

"Much better!"

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  1. I wish finding toys for Ruby was that easy. Christmas morning 2 years ago (when she was about 9-10 weeks old) she definitely puked up a sock with a knot in it. but she was already 25 lbs at that age, so a sock was too small... nobody knows where or when she got it...