Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lesson 49: It is flippin cold today brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It feels like there is a lot going on... or possibly I am just not managing my time well enough.

Tyler got a new job! He starts there next week and it is so exciting! He... and I guess since we are married I should say "we" had a hard time making a decision about this job but everything came together and in the end we even get to stay in our apartment for at least the time being.

Monday was Halloween. I dressed Max in his dinosaur costume and we passed candy out at my parent's house. Quinn and Cooper my niece and nephew were a dog and cat. I wore my birthday dog ears the entire day.

Yesterday we went on a double date with another couple we know through church. We went and saw this awesome movie called "In Time". It is the kind of Twilight Zoney movie I would love. After the movie we went to a local small cemetery to see it all lit up for All Saints Say. I was freaking out. I have never been to a cemetery after dark and all I could think of was "They're coming to get you Barbara!" Tyler lost all feeling in his right arm from my death grip which I suppose he brought on himself.

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