Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Theme Days for Daycare

I have been in need of structure and motivation for my in-home daycare lately so I came up with the idea to have theme days.

We have Motivational Monday.

Each Monday will have an activity focused on spiritual uplifting.

We started with an activity I got off Facebook. I don't have the link but it is a printable with a countdown to Valentines Day. Each day the children look around for a heart. (Since all my kids are young I "hide" it in an obvious place.) Each heart has a description of God's love i.e. God's love is a gift, God's love is for everyone etc. and there is a scripture to go with it that I then read to the kids. They so far have enjoyed finding the hearts and then taping them up on the wall.

Tasty Tuesday

Like the name implies we make something to eat these days. 

Unless you are a food photographer, I am an avid believer that pictures of food always look gross... but here is a pic of what we made anyway... it is peanut butter and jelly bars. They are alright... 

Wet 'n' Wild Wednesdays

This is a day of messy activities like water, foam, sand, etc.

I started out simple with basically putting a bucket on the floor with water and plastic items. 

Here are the before and after pics. You will notice that once the kids figured out splashing I put towels on the floor :) They had fun for quite a while. Until Ted realized his pants were getting wet and then he was over it. The clothes went right into the dryer after that. The benefits of working from home. 

Also I apologize for the dot on baby's face. I wanted to respect the family's privacy. 

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